The Lancet (Surgeons Knife) MK8 regulator - By Lane

The latest production in a line of lane series airgun regulators,
the Mk8 Lancet has been meticulously reworked into various versions of the same model, intended to fit an even wider variety of PCP and Co2 powered airgun brands and models, the re-design ultimately gets the most out of the airgun that the design modifications were deliberately made for. - Robert Lane

how it works

All regulators are sold as "install-it-yourself" KITS.
Each kit comes with spare o-ring seals, lubricant, instructions, (drills, outlet valve spring and packers depending upon make, model, caliber and power or airgun). The regulator itself is pre-tuned to the specifications you supply us with prior to checkout.

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ALL regulators are shipped from our UK warehouse same-day, We urge customers to remain patient as International orders can take some time to arrive.

Install / Tune

Once recieved, It is Important customers take the time to go over our easy-to-read instruction manual that comes with each regulator kit (also available as a PDF download on our website).

Go Compete!

With regulator fitted and airgun tuned,
only then can customers enjoy shooting with increased accuracy and confidence - Particularly useful for competitions or for trips out during the hunting season.


The Lancet MK8 regulator is our most accurate and smallest production regulator we've built to date. It encompasses a number of small but significant changes in design, manufacturing and tolerances from the MK7 to bring you an overall greater and more efficient product.

Size Reduction

With piston, body case and adjuster screw improvements, we've managed an EVEN SMALLER regulator! - 3.5mm on average.

PAS / Extractor Loop

A more refined pressure adjuster screw with new delrin beads set into it to make adjustment smoother, we also built in the extractor loop.

Piston Spring Guide

Now tapered to reduce friction making the Mk8 Lancet our most functional and efficient regulator to date.

Shut Off Face

We slightly altered the shape of the knife edge shut off face to provide a more repeatable increase in shot-to-shot consistency.

Variety of Models

Robert designed various versions of the Mk8 to fit a wider variety of airgun, these are also tailored to each with optimum performance in mind.

New Tolerances

Through development in design and manufacturing, tighter tolerances have resulted in a whole new level of air regulation and overall quality.

What Comes as Part of the Kit?

Other than being securly wrapped, packed and shipped with insurance for free to you the customer "includes free shipping for international orders" our regulator kit comes with everything you need to obtain enhanced performance from your PCP (Pre-charged Pneumatic) or Co2 powered airgun.

Quality Materials

Alloy body construction with brass components, stronger and longer lasting - designed to be rust proof.

O-ring Seals

New viton grade o-ring seals boast a longer lasting service from each regulator kit sold.


Molykote lubrication to better seal and seat your regulator, designed to be gentle on o-rings which helps aid in a longer service / life expectancy.

Manual (Step-by-step)

A hard copy guide to installing and tuning your airgun / regulator. Instructions are also available as a downloadable PDF.

Additional Parts

Drill bits, outlet valve spring & packers come with select kits (specific to certain airgun makes and models).

Contact for Support

For any queries or difficulties upon installation and tuning, we have you covered - by email or by telephone.

We've Introduced Spare Parts

Although the chance of your regulator breaking is near on impossible, accidental loss can wreak havoc in the build up to a shooting match, we made additional parts available just for this occasion - simply include spares with your order during checkout.

Body Cases

Alloy Body Construction

Piston Kits

Brass Body Material

Belleville Washer Stack

Brass Body Material

High Rate Spring Kit

Steel Construction

Gain the Edge Over Competitors

Our regulators are designed to help squeeze the fullest potential out of any airgun. When it comes to shooting, every shot which finds it's target counts. Below are just some of the benefits of installing our precision regulator.


Our extensive range of Mk8s encompass the requirements needed to fit an array of brands such as Air Arms, Benjamin, Brocock, BSA, Daystate, EDgun, Evanix, FX, Gamo, Hatsan, KalibrGun, Kral, SMK, SPA, and many, many more.


Through popular demand we have produced an entireley seperate range of regulators to fit Co2 powered airguns, these are the smallest production regulators we do.


Reviews are just as important to us as they are for any potential customer, your feedback is fundamental to how we improve our products with each new release. Customers who would like to leave a review can do so on our main shop website.

I have just installed the Lancet Mk8 regulator into my Daystate Wolverine Forester and now I have not only the best looking Daystate they have ever made but the best Daystate I have ever owned. A big thanks to Rob for an excellent product and service.

Successfully installed into my 22 Cal FX T12. Very pleased for it is working well, spent most of the day fine tuning as setting this gun up to for long range target competition (75 Yards). Performing well around 886 FPS and I am able to get around 38 shots with an extream spread of just 5 FPS.

I had received and installed your airgun regulator into my AT-44, It's very good! I've been shooting at 25 meters for 40 shots and the grouping is as big as ciggarette.. Thank you Robert I will tell the world of your product.

Important FAQS

Four Frequently asked questions you need to know before putting your order through, for additional information email us.

Processing payment?

We accept many forms of payment through the service that is paypal, customers are reminded that you do not need a paypal account to make a payment by this service, instead users can follow the regular proceedure and instead checkout as guest to enter their card details to submit the payment for their order.

Where is my order?

We ship all of our products world-wide from the United Kingdom. Depending on where you're located, we determine the method of delivery accordingly. Each item is sent out the same day that the order was placed so users need not stress about the status of their order. Customers are reminded to remain patient as international orders often take time to arrive.

Processing Order?

All orders are dispatched same-day from our warehouse based in the United Kingdom. Upon the customer's order, the regulator is assembled in house, pressure settings are adjusted to suit the customers preference then the unit is tested before dispatch. If there's a problem with the order we will be intouch otherwise there is nothing to worry about.

Installation and support?

We supply easy to read step-by-step instructions with each order. It is of utmost importance customers go through this guide. If customers happen to loose the hard copy of their manual, a digital copy can be downloaded in the form of a PDF on our parent website. For users still struggling with installation / tuning we offer support via email or by telephone.

Stockists and fitters

We supply to wholesale businesses, gun shops and gun smiths, below is a small selection of stockists we supply for. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a stockist for any of the Lane Regulator products.

UK and Ireland

Phil Crampton


Staffordshire Custom

Range & Country Shooting

Low Mill Ranges

Shooting & Fishing Centre

International and Europe

Annihilator Airguns and Tuning

Moreno Grassi


Beorn Unit

Karakuscher Airgun Solutions


General Manager Mr Mamdoh Alharabi

African Target Sport (Pty)

Hurricane Airguns AB

We don't just specialise in regulators

Product updates are brought about by a number of things such as customer purchasing preferences, requests, suggestions and things that we note ourselves through the production of thousands of items. Below is just a small selection of other products we offer on our online shop which you may be interested in.

Front Fill Gauges

For reading unregulated

cylinder air pressure.

Kevlar Pull Through

Rugged Pull through kit

for cleaning gun barrels.


To remove resonance within

air cylinder upon firing.

Regulator Tester

For advanced users to test

and set regulator pressure.

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